About UshwtAdmin

Our Roots

Heritage Wooden Railway is a subsidiary of AeroPro, LLC – a leading promotional product company dedicated to serving all industries. With proven business methodologies and a growing portfolio of products AeroPro formed Heritage Wooden Railway to bring wooden trains to railroad museums worldwide. Our lower cost production model allows us to offer complete custom trains at heavily discounted pricing structures. A business model and cost-effective production you won’t find anywhere else!

Every order is Custom

The word “custom” brings connotations of higher cost. This is the furthest from the truth. In our business model it is more cost effective for us and our clients if we produce our products with an on-demand model rather warehouse tens of thousands of an item until a client places an order. And if we did store say 10,000 generic train engines what do we do when our next client orders 10,000 red cars or a specific make and model?

Custom orders are at the core of our business and we are confident you will find our prices extremely competitive, more often than not beating the competition by a significant margin.

Our Pricing

We keep our pricing simple and straightforward. It is our pledge to you that the price you see won’t change if mid-way through you need to change a color from red to blue or change the artwork. There will not and will never bee these fees with Heritage Wooden Railway:

NO Artwork Fees
NO Imprint Fees
NO Color Fees
NO Sample Fees

Who We Sell To

We accept orders from any company, group, or individual. MOQs (Minimum Order Quantities) must be met. Additionally, proof of ownership or the license to reproduce trademark(s), design(s), and color(s) must be presented. We fully accept personal designs or artwork with no restrictions other than those designs that may infringe on trademark or copyrights or those defamatory in nature.

Safety Testing

We take the safety of our products very seriously. Where some companies may test their products on a yearly basis, all of our production runs (where applicable) are tested to meet and/or exceed CPSIA & ASTM F963-08 requirements. All testing is performed at a 3rd party CPSIA accredited lab. European Union testing also available.

Final Word

We have the ability to produce thousands of products, our website is designed to give you an idea of our capabilities and our business methodologies. Quality, customer satisfaction and honest communication is at the core of our business and  have earned the trust and continuing support of our clients. We hope you will give us the chance to help enhance and expand your business.

If you have any questions you can call us at 1-347-343-2278

-The Heritage Wooden Railway Team